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i am a proud owner of an Exosuit!  Let the creating begin.


Petey's Goat Barbacoa Taco @Tacopocalypse

What you do on National Taco Day?  You go have a exceptional taco that you can't get anywhere else.  I recommend that you stop by Tacopocolypse in the East Village in Des Moines for a unique taco or burrito that will make your toes curl and your taste buds pop.  Today I tried a couple of the Petey's Goat Barbacoa Taco with Green Tomato Jam and Regular Slaw.  As you can see the purple slaw looks over powering but was a great combination with the slow braised Goat. The white corn tortillas were freshly made and were soft and made an excellent delivery system for all the goodness.  

So stop by Tacopocolypse for a couple tacos and then head over to Up-Down Arcades for some old school video gaming with your friends.

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