Michael's Pizza Beaverdale

Michael's Pizza in Beaverdale is in a location just down a few store fronts from Dud'sSud's. The pizza's are cooked in the stone hearth ovens to give a very crisp crust. Pictured is a 12 inch supreme without the black olives. A delicious thin crust pizza.

Michael's Pizza

2629 Beaver Avenue, Suite 13

Beaverdale, IA 50310



Bar Louie

This is the Fried Louie with loaded tots. The burger was cooked to order with bacon, cheddar cheese, and sunny side up egg. The tots were loaded with a spicy like Giardiniera for a buck extra. Service at lunch today was quick and attentive. For a chain restaurant - it sure feels like local eats. Es Bueno!!!

Fried Louie with loaded Tater Tots

Fried Louie with loaded Tater Tots



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