Who is coryeats?  

That is complicated question.  I am considered a friend by many, a husband by one, and a father by two.  I do have a love for food and good things.  I try not to want to much as God provides everything I need.   I currently live in Des Moines, IA and work for Dice.com.   I am happy that life is good and most food is delicious.   I have a graphic design degree and love to build websites.  I have been selling can koozies for the last 6 years online to support my hobbies.  So buy some! They make great gifts for the beverage loving fan.

When did coryeats start? 

I started my journey about 8 years ago when I launched my first website  eatoutdesmoines.com displaying restaurants from the Des Moines, Iowa area.  A few years later I launched a micro blog which I called coryeats.com.  I shared through photos and quick descriptions of what I ate for the day.  This has grown to include what I find interesting to do and eat.  Within the last couple years, eatoutdesmoines.com has merged into iowaeats.com and is a growing guide of places to eat in Iowa.  

Why did coryeats start his own site?

I love food and sharing my favorite things to do.  If I share something- I approve of it.  It would be rare for me to share something I do not like.  

Where do you find coryeats?

You can find me at work, camping with the family, riding my bicycle on the local trails, playing basketball, and of course eating.  You can find and follow-me in social media whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Foursquare.   


What are coryeats favorite things to do?

I believe in God's word and volunteering my time.   I love to ride my bicycle and take a week off from life on Ragrbrai.     I love to break out the grill and the smoker during Spring, Summer, and Fall and pull together some amazing barbecue.   I like to eat and consider myself more of an eater than a foodie- so whatever that means to you means to me.  



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