Hi guys and gals.  I have been enjoying the Des Moines Area restaurant scene for over 20 years. Places come and go- but there is always new and interesting restaurants to visit.    I worked as a line cook in College preparing steaks and burgers, pasta dishes, salads, sandwiches, and breakfast plates.  My joy for cooking has lead me to experiment in smoking pork, beef, and poultry.  My kids say that I make the best pancakes in the world- little do they know I use Krusteaz.  Maybe someday I will own a restaurant, but for now I will enjoy eating out.   I am an eater and not a critic.  If I don't like it- you won't find it here. 

Now this site is not all about food.    I do have a hankering for a few other things like guns,  video games, european cars, camping, legos, die-cast collectibles, RC cars, and bicycling.   So more will come with that also. 

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