Chili Cheese Potatoes

I love chili cheese fries - however the challenge to make them at home and make them good.  You can buy a can of good chili and frozen Ore Ida fries. Fry them up and put your masterpiece together.  However it really does not so good and is expensive.  I have found that mastering making fried potatoes is key to a lot of fun meals and this one.

So here is the recipe and my method.

3 Cups of Fried Potatoes (Learn How Here!)

12 oz of Chili - use your left over chili

1 Cup of Shredded Colby Jack Cheese

1 Heaping Spoonful of Sour Cream

Put your hot fried potatoes on a plate.  Pour your hot chili on top. Add the cheese and your sour cream.  You can top with chives, green onion, or bacon if you want. Make it your own.