Choosing a quick bite!

I love to get out of the office for a hour or so for a quick bite. Some of my favorite places to visit are Panchero's, Jimmy Johns, and Tasty Tacos

There are 3 factors that come to mind when choosing a quick bite. 

  1. The first thought is an obvious one- Quickness!  A relatively small menu with limited amount of ingredients make it simple to choose and make.  
  2. My 2nd factor piggy backs off the first thought. When a menu is simple- the ingredients are fresh.  Fresh ingredients make a great meal. 
  3. The 3rd is location- I want to be able to arrive at the location and enjoy my lunch.  I do not want to spend half my scheduled lunch traveling.  

Next time you are getting a quick bite to eat consider how quick the food can be served, how fresh it could be, and the location.

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