Eatin' Fresh Subway

3600 SE Crossroads Dr, Grimes, IA ‎  (515) 986-9472

3600 SE Crossroads Dr, Grimes, IA ‎(515) 986-9472

I visited the Subway in Grimes Iowa for lunch today.  Thru a recent Christmast Gift Exchange I received a Subway gift card for $10.  I have been pre-occupied with Quiznos and Jimmy Johns and have not been to Subway for years. 

I ate a 12inch Subway Melt on a French Roll. The Subway Melt has Ham, Turkey, and Cheese.  They threw mine in the oven for 1 minute and it came out smokin'.   They added some hot peppers, onion, green pepper, and some mayo.  I would of had them add tomatos but they were a little green for me.  Added chips and a drink for a couple bucks.  Total bill was $9.00 even. 

I gave my balance of my card to the guy behind me.  The sub, chips, and drink were ok- not sure if was worth $9.00 though. 



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