Pizza Hut - Order Online

My family of 4 loves pizza and we typically choose Pizza Hut. I am a big fan of ordering pizza online. Pizza Hut has a pretty slick interface making it easy to order your pizza online and find available coupons in your area. No more clipping coupons and keeping track of them. I ordered my pizzas and they were ready in 15 minutes. I have a few tips to help you save a few bucks. Look for carryout specials! Not only will you save a couple bucks, you can save on a delivery fee plus your added tip. Watchout fundraiser cards that offer the buy 1 get 1 free if you buy at regular price. This can be a good deal. Here is the cost of regular price pizzas.

Large Specialty - $16.99 Large Single Price - $13.99

Medium Specialty - $10.99 Medium Specialty - $13.99

We ordered 2 medium hand tossed pizzas with 2 topping each. The coupon got us in at $12.99 + Tax. Total 13.77. Coupon Code - 302 - Expires - 12-31-09



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