Daddy O's on 141

I actually confused my lunch group today on where we were eating. They thought we were going to try Smokey D's BBQ on NW 54th St. just off of 2nd Ave. and ended up at Daddy O's right off of NW 54th St. and 141.  OOPS!   Daddy O's is located in a old Subway restaurant attached to a gas station.  So if you have been in Subway you can get the picture of what the place looks like on the inside.     They have your typical brisket, pulled pork, and ribs.  They have beans, coleslaw, fries, and chips too.  Got kids- they have a kids menu too.   My overall meal was ok.   I had the pulled pork sandwich on a hoagie.  The hoagie was ok- kind of reminds me of a frech roll- so if you load up with sauce- make sure it is in the inside- otherwise it will be all over you when you bite in.   The pork had a great smoke flavor and thought it was pretty good.  I also had the barbecue beans- which were pretty good- maybe the best I have tried in sometime.  The slaw reminded me of traditional coleslaw that my mom used to make.  For the cost- I paid about $8 bucks for a pretty good meal which included a drink. The atmosphere was pretty poor- reminded me of a Subway restaurant.  However- this is a local guy serving his own grub- so I give him a extra points. Takes a lot of heart to run a restaurant- and he has been doing it for the past few years. 

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