Olive Garden for lunch

I have been really good as of late not eating out.  So the lack of posts is showing.  I did however have a great lunch at Olive Garden with a bunch of people I work with.  I think that last time I ate there was like 10-15 years ago on a date so I was not sure what to expect.  The menu does have quite a few items in the $7-$12 range which I would say is typically out of the budget after you include a drink and tip.  So after  reviewing the menu I worked it out to split a pizza with someone.   We ordered a  10 inch Alfredo Chicken Pizza right at $10.  It came with one salad- so we ordered a 2nd for under $3.   It was a pretty good meal considering the salad and breadsticks are bottomless.  I atleast left there full. 

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