Happy Fathers Day

I love Fathers Day.  It is the only holiday that you have a Day really that you can call your own.  It is like I am in some sort of club. Your kids wake you up with "Happy Fathers Day!" Your wife(you should be married if you have kids) gives you a big hugg and wishes you "Happy Fathers Day!"  It really is the only time you get to choose where you want to eatout without the guilty look.  I did not get any presents this year but that does not really matter- Being apart of the club is good enough.

You tell all your father friends-  Happy Fathers Day and they tell you Happy Fathers Day. You get to tell your own father- Happy Fathers Day- they inturn tell you Happy Fathers Day if you have carried on the name.   So it is all about congratulating one-another.  Sometimes there are huggs and hand shakes- fist slambs, maybe some of you high-five or something like that.  The best part is that you have a day really to do what you want. If you don't feel like mowing the yard or something like that you have a excuse to put it off. 

So enjoy Father's Day for what it is and be proud that you are father.


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