Squarespace Blogging with the iPhone

So are you a blogger? Are you an iPhone user too? I have been a long-time user of Squarespace and have tried all the other blogging sites out there and this by far is the best. Yes you do have to open up your pockets and it will cost you. However the costs are minimal for the types of tools and services you receive.

  • Easy to change the layout, styles, colors, and fonts through the template editor. No programming needed.

  • Easy publishing tools to add content such as photos, videos, and links directly to the site through the posting editor via internet browser, iPhone, and email.

  • See visitor stats and traffic easily.

  • 99.5% reliability that your site is going to be available to your visitors.

My favorite tool to date is the new iPhone app. Most of the posts that I do are on the move. I can easily take a picture with my phone, add my title with a brief decscription, tag it with category, and upload it in just a few minutes. I don't need to take notes to post later and download a picture from my camera to share something that happened hours ago or days ago. Picture below is the from the iPhone App.

So try if you are iPhone user and Blogger there is not a better system. Why not try them both for free and see how easy it is to use. Learn how and try Squarespace for free for 2 weeks.


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