Taco John's Meat and Potato Breakfast Burrito

I love to eat breakfast. I love to eat burritos. So the combination of the two should be like chocolate and peanut butter.  My burrito included egg, choice of meat(Sausage or Bacon), cheese, and potato rounds.  The burrito costs $2.75 with Tax.  I am not sure that it worth that price but maybe in a combo meal it might be. The Taco John's guy did say that Wednesday Breakfast Burritos are $1.59.    The burrito was tasty- but did not have much inside- kinda skimpy- bigger than Mc Donalds though.  Maybe I am spoiled from the huge breakfast burritos on Ragbrai or from El Chisme. Needless to say I could possibly visit again- however maybe on Wednesday. 


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