Encore Pizza in Johnston

I am not really into the chain pizza buffet's like Pizza Hut and Cicci's Pizza. I have found that it tends to be a mini chow festival. Now I have found a great local place for a pizza buffet. Encore Pizza in Johnston has a buffet that includes a nice salad bar with a selection of thin crust pizza for under $10 with a drink. It is a popular place for lunch so I recommend that you try to come early. There was not a time between 11am and 12pm where there was empty pizza pans. Pizza available for our buffet- pepperoni and jalapeño, pepperoni, chicken alfredo with mushrooms, sausage, cheese, and ham with pineapple.

Encore Pizza

5775 Merle Hay Road # 8 Johnston, IA 50131-2811 - (515) 276-1625

Open Weekdays 11am-1:30pm for the lunch buffet.  They also are open for dinner and have a great selection of appetizers and pizzas.

visit eatoutdsm to learn more!

visit eatoutdsm to learn more!


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