Baby Back Ribs - simple and delish!

I have done plenty of Ribs on my smoker but has of late I have found a method the works best for me for a light tug off he bone. First of all I own a Traeger which is a pellet fed indirect heat/smoker. The nice thing is that you can set it and forget it. You can basically go take a nap.

So here is my method. I trim my ribs of any excessive flaps of meat and fat. I remove the membrane on the back side of the ribs. I will rinse the ribs with cold water. Dry the front and back side of the ribs. Next apply the seasoning of choice to both sides.

You are now ready to fire up the smoker to about 250 to 270 degrees. After your smoker is fired up and reached its temperature throw on your ribs. Make sure you leave plenty of space between your racks otherwise your ribs will cook unevenly- this is what I have found in my case. Next I will move my ribs around flipping them over and spraying them with a 50/50 mixture apple cider vinegar and water about every 30-40 minutes. This wilI had a layer of flavor that will enhance the bark. Will repeat the process till the ribs start to bend real easy- about 3-4 hours. This will be very noticeable. Once you reach this stage you can add your BBQ sauce if you want with a basting brush. If you feel like your ribs are burning don't hesitate to turn down your heat anytime. Remember the higher heat helps break down the tough fibers and pull out the fat. You may have to cook your ribs longer to get the desired results. Also the longer you cook your ribs the less juicy your ribs will be.


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