Manhattan Daily Special - Des Moines Favorite


Manhattan Deli has been serving some of the Des Moines finest for over 30 years.  You will see people in suits to hard hats.  They have a great selection of items to fill your hunger.   They serve  warm and cold deli sandwiches, soups, and desserts made daily! Below is the Daily Special - Tripple Pork served only on Wednesday  - Roasted pork loin, ham, bacon, smoked provolone, medium fried peppers, pickles, onions,  and mayo!  Check out the menu here!


Hagar's Manhattan Deli

3705 Ingersoll Ave (at 37th St) Des Moines, IA



I am a eater of delicious foods and a lover of good BBQ. You will find me many times tending my smoker, camping, riding my bicycle, and hanging with my family.

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