Spam Egg McMuffin


Here is a very simple recipe for a delicious Spam Egg McMuffin.  For each breakfast sandwich you will need:

- 1 Lightly Toasted English Muffin

- 1 Egg Whisked Vigorously with fresh ground black pepper

- Half Slice of Swiss Cheese

- 1/4 inch slice of Spam

In a small non-stick skillet heated over medium heat with a dab of butter pour your beaten egg. The Egg will spread out and cook quickly. Flip and cook the other side before browning occurs. Then fold you egg in half and half again. Place a top the bottom English Muffin.  Add your slice of cheese.

Then place in the skillet your slice of spam. Brown on each side about a minute per side. Place on top of the cheese and then place the top of the English Muffin. There you go!

Notes- The Spam is very salty so don't add salt. Cut it thin.  Use a cheese that is not considered salty like Swiss Cheese.





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