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Do you love pizza? Are you ready to take your love for pizza to a new level? Then you are ready for Gusto Pizza in Des Moines.  You'll taste some innovative flavor combinations that elevate your thought of pizza.

Tonight my wife and I tried a Vincent Van Goat. This thin crust pizza was blessed with rosemary laced olive oil, thin sliced maple glazed ham and salami, dabs of goat cheese, capers, Roma tomatoes, and roasted sweet peppers. The capers surprisingly- being a bit salty really made the pizza dynamite. The thin crust allows the flavors to easily come alive and deliver the taste intended.  My wife said this is a "Grown-up Pizza".  We loved it!   My wife and I barely finished 14 inch pie.


I recommend that you review the menu before you go. They do have specials and you can order the traditional toppings except pineapple. You won't find pineapple in the place unless it is a special of sorts. They also serve salads and sandwiches, soda, beer, and wine.  Here is the link to the menu.



When you walk in you order your pizza and then take your number to any available table.  A group of 4 will not have a problem nabbing a table. Larger groups may need to split up or arrive before or after the rush. Overall we have had great service and pizza here. Good stuff!


Gusto Pizza Des Moines - 1905 Ingersoll Ave. - Des Moines, IA - 515.244-8786


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