PepperJax Grill - Ankeny Iowa

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My wife and I stopped by for a quick dinner at Pepperjax Grill in Ankeny. They are located at 2010 SE Delaware Ave. on the west side of the road next to Carnival Shoes.  They have a neon sign near the door that states they are America's BEST Philly.  The previous owners of Smashburger had closed the restaurant a few months ago which made us rather sad.  We loved that place.    We walked into and stood in line for several minutes as Pepperjax was bustling.      The restaurant is setup very similar to a Subway or Panchero's as every meal is made to order.   You order a sandwich, wrap, rice bowl, or salad.  

I went with the Philly Steak Sandwich on a 10 inch hoagie.  My steak and vegetables were cooked in front of me in just about a minute and placed on my hoagie with several slices of cheese.   The steak was tender, thinly sliced, and seasoned perfectly.   They have 3 types of sauces to add to your sandwich.  I tried the original steak sauce, classic bold steak sauce, and sweet homestyle bbq sauce.  I liked the original steak sauce- but may prefer not to sauce next time.   My wife went with the Rice Bowl.  They start out with a large bed of white rice, black beans, cheese, choice of meat, and vegetables.  Then you can add a multitude of additional toppings.  

We thought the food was alright. We enjoy the thought of a simple menu that is fresh.  My wife thought the rice bowl might have been better with chicken rather than steak. So check out the two new locations in the Des Moines area.   It is worth another visit.



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