The Food Depot Bar and Grill

There is a new concept along highway 141 in Grimes. The Food Depot is part restaurant/bar and specialty grocery store.  The grocery store side features items that restaurants and bars buy in bulk and they split up into family size portions.  You can get just about anything from appetizers, italian entrees, steaks, chicken breasts, seafood, breakfast items, desserts and a lot more. Kinda like a Costco or Sams Club but without the membership dues. They also have a full-service deli selling freshly sliced meat.  If I was having a party this would be the place I would go.   Now the restaurant side serves some of the same food that they sell on the grocery side.  So most of the restaurant quality food sold here is processed food- but where do you go anymore where it is not.  I spoke to the owner and think as they grow they will add more locally grown items and options.  

They have a pretty good menu items for everyone to enjoy. They serve, appetizers, pizza, sandwiches, and salads. They have a full bar with mixed drinks and beer.  

A group of us stopped in for lunch.  They were featuring the steak sandwich on texas toast with fries for $7.99.   I went with the breaded pork tenderloin with fries for $7.99. It was good and I would get it again.   The best part is you can get a fountain drink here for $.99.  


The Food Depot Bar and Grill - 3000 SE Grimes Blvd - Grimes, IA  -  515.986.4404

10 AM to 8 PM - Monday through Friday

10 AM to 6 PM - Saturday

11 AM to 5 PM - Sunday

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