Brisket Sandwich - Uncle Wendell's BBQ

I have eaten here many times-and each time I have gotten a great lunch. So - I am going to classify this little hole in the wall as a Des Moines barbecue hidden gem.  

If you are around Ingersol and looking for a place to grab a bite - check out Uncle Wendell's- it is just a few doors down from the Alpine. This BBQ dive has small menu and includes what a BBQ restaurant should have- smoked meats.... no salads or burgers here. 

I would vote they have the best brisket sandwich in town having tried it at Jethro's, Woody's, Cactus Bob's, and Smokey D's.  

Soft homemade bread piled high with Smoked Brisket.....enough said. I recommend these sides- "Fire and Ice" and the baked beans. 


Uncle Wendell's BBQ Catering and Bakery - 2716 Ingersoll Ave - Des Moines, IA 50312

Visit eatoutdsm to learn more!

Visit eatoutdsm to learn more!



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