#43 Jersey Mike's

Whoa! This Jersey Mike's sandwich shop is crazy good. I was told I should order the #43.  I was surprised to open the tin foil torpedo with a 14 inch  Cheesesteak sandwich with peppers and cheese.   This sandwich was fantastic. I would recommend that you get the Giant so you can be so full that you want to take a siesta. Honestly the regular is plenty enough  for the hungry Pooh.   I heard that there is a secret menu for locals like the "The Number 99" which is the #43 + #56. Sounds glorious! Just order it and be surprised on what you get.


Jersey Mike's - 12851 University Ave. #200 - Clive, IA 50325 - 515.224.1000

Visit Eatoutdsm to learn more!

Visit Eatoutdsm to learn more!



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