Great Plains Pizza in Ames

Sam's Recipe with Pepperoni

Sam's Recipe with Pepperoni

I took the family to Great Plains Pizza in Ames for the first time.  They are a popular local place where you will find many having pizza slices for lunch and families digging into deep dish for dinner.  Go early for lunch and dinner as the seating fills up quickly.  It is a self serve pizzeria.  You walk in and order your pizza. You sit down and wait for your number to be called. When your number is called you walk up to the window and nab your pizza.

They are known for the 6 different options pile on your toppings. They include a whole wheat thin and thick called the Denver, thicker crust called Oat, thin crust with potato flour called Idaho, thick white crust called New Orleans, and the original thin crust called Sam's.

I strongly recommend the thick dish Denver.  They offer bottles of honey to drizzle over the crust which is so good.  So if you are in the Ames area stop in for some great pizza.  It is different than any pizza you have ever had.  Check out the Menu!

Thick New Orleans Style with sweet sausage and pepperoni

Thick New Orleans Style with sweet sausage and pepperoni


Great Plains Plains - 129 Main Street, Ames, Iowa 50010 - (515) 232-4263



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