MALO in Des Moines

MALO is located within the premise of the Des Moines Social Club in the old downtown firehouse and offers Latin style eats. I purposely ate little all day as I love authentic tacos - you know the kind of tacos with some sort of slow roasted meat with cilantro and onion.

I had planned to trio it out with Al Pastor, Carnitas, and the Chile Relleno. When I was ordering I dropped the Chile Relleno and chose the side of Drunken Beans. Let me tell you the house corn tacos were fantasticly delicious. The Al Pastor was so flavorful and pork was tender and sweet with the pineapple and tomatillo salsa. The Carnitas texture was enjoyable as it was crispy with the charred poblano pepper and salsa.  I enjoyed the tacos immensely and appreciated that tacos were so full of meat and held together so well.  

However the show stopper was the last minute decision to order the Drunken Beans.   I have eaten many different things in my life and that is somethin' for only $3. Full of pinto beans, smoked pork, onion, and hints of sweet potato. I am sure there is some other magic ingredients- so hats off to you Chef Formarao for putting some good eats.


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