Baking a Cake Weber Q

We are camping this Memorial Day and celebrating my wife's birthday. I was challenged with baking a cake. So I nabbed a Betty Crocker cake mix  and needed ingredients. I also purchased a couple 9x13 tinfoil cake pans. 

Next I started off with a heavy cookie sheet wrapped in tinfoil. I placed the cookie sheet upside down to help fight the direct heat. I pre-heated the Weber Q100 grill to 300.

I added about 16 oz of water to one of the tinfoil cake pans and inserted the 2nd tinfoil cake pan for the cake. This is important so you don't burn the bottom of your cake. I followed the instructions on the cake recipe and poured the batter into tinfoil cake pan. 

I placed the cake batter on the grill and closed the lid. Baking time was about 50 minutes. Pulled the cake off once I could pull out a toothpick clean. 



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