My Takara Prestige Single Speed

I purchased this 12 speed bike on July 27th, 1989 from the Bike Barn in Ogden.  The cost was $243.  I had been mowing yards and working part-time for the Jefferson Park and Recreation Department and saved my money.  The frame is a 25" with 29 inch tires.  I mainly road the streets in Jefferson. There was about 300 miles on the bike in total. After High School I went to college and at the time it was not possible for me to ride anymore.  At one time I tried to sell the bike but never had any takers.  After college I purchased a Trek mountain bike and put skinny tires on it. It made several Ragbrai's and now is the bike I take when I go camping.   My road bike is a Trek Portland.  I ride that bike most often and has about 4000 miles on it.  So the Takara has been chilling in the garage hanging on hooks collecting dust.

So for my 40th Birthday I decided to get back on the old school bike and turn into a single speed.  Not knowing much about bikes I took it to Bike World in Urbandale and Steve went to work on it.  Within a week it was done.  I put my trust into his creativity, knowledge and now I have a fun bike.  The weight is about 25 lbs and rolls super nice.  It is very well balanced and is so comfortable.  

If you have a bike laying around that has old components on it consider turning it into a single speed or fixie. Be ready to shell out $200-$300 but you will put a bike back on the road I am sure you will love. 

Check-out the Takara Owner's Manual.



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