Target Shooting


Charles "Butch" Olofson allowed me to have some fun today. I thru about 150 rounds down range at 50 & 100 yards. Not bad for iron sights only. Thanks Butch!

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Friday Fun

Met some friends for some shooting on Friday.  Broke out the SKS and fired 40 rounds thru it at 50 yds.   Was able to hit the target 38 out of the 40 shots with 10 shots close to center.  I also was able to shoot the AR-15.  I started out at 35 yards- with 20 shots close to center and no misses.  Another 20 shots at 50 yards with 5 close to center with 1 bullseye.   The others that I could tell fell below center 2 inches.   I am shooting with iron sites on both rifles.  Not bad. Will need to visit again soon and work on steadiness.


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