Domino's Oven Baked Sandwich - $7.99

The sandwich measures about 7-8 inches.


Domino's offers a $7.99 + $1.99 delivery charge- lunch special of any Oven Baked Sandwich, 20 oz Coca-Cola® product, and Bag of Lay's® or Doritos chips®. So I ordered online and had a very good experience with no troubles. I entered my credit card information and boom my order was placed. They have a cool system that tells who is making my sandwich and where it is in the process of baking to delivery. I got my sandwich delivered in the right amount of time as they stated. A+

I ordered the Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich, a coke, and Doritos. The sandwich tasted great- tons of flavor, but not to overpowering. I was really unimpressed with the bag of Doritos and the size of the sandwich. I was expecting atleast a foot long for $8. It was a close 8". The Doritos were a measly one ounce bag. The 20 oz Coke was cold and delish. This would be a better deal if the sandwich was bigger and there was some cookies.

Things to consider. This is not the best deal for the money in town. Note that the delivery charge does not go to the driver. So once you tip you could be out $12. Now that is an expensive lunch.

I recommend that try the ordering process online- maybe split a pizza with your coworkers- that would be a better deal.



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