Maid Rite Newton Iowa

Established in 1926 the Maid Rite in Newton Iowa has been serving the community loose meat sandwiches.  The original Maid Rite opened up in Muscatine Iowa in 1925 and a year later the owners opened up a 2nd location in Newton.   The owners have changed over the years but not how the sandwiches were made.  The Newton Maid Rite still makes the loose meat with the same steam cooking box as they did when they opened.     The loose meat sandwich can be customized to add more meat, cheese, onions, pickles, or mustard. You can add fries, cheese curds, or onion rings as a side.    A very basic sandwich - very good.   


Maid-Rite - 215 1st Ave W, Newton, IA ‎ 641) 792-4166



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