The American Burrito

Who has the best "American Burrito"?  The answer is Panchero's!   If you are interested in trying a fresh take on the American Burrito visit your local Panchero's. They are rapidly growing throughout the US and chances are you have one right in your neighborhood. 

Today I had a large fresh pressed tortilla made right in front of me.  They loaded it up with rice, black beans, chicken, salsa, cheese, and sour cream.  It was then rolled and wrapped together.  When you can pick it up with your hands so you can eat it without it falling a part- that is a piece of art.   My favorite Pancheros is located in Urbandale, Iowa.


Best Burrito Panchero's

Some may argue...but I have to believe that the majority will rule in my favor that Panchero's makes the best Burrito.   

Panchero's makes their Flour Tortilla fresh in front of you and then load it up with ingredients.  I prefer to have mine filled with rice, black beans,  chicken,  cheese, salsa,  and sour cream. 

It makes about a pound of pure goodness that will fill you up.  They also serve quesadilla, softshell tacos, a burrito bowl- no tortilla, and a salad.   I do like to get their blue corn chips with either the salsa or queso dip.  They have locations all over and hopefully near you.  My favorite and frequent location is in Urbandale, Iowa.

Pancheros Grill.jpeg

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