Zombie Burger - Awesome

A small group of us went to Zombie Burger on their Opening Day. The decor in the place was spot on with the use of metal studs, the murals of zombies, and the chain link fencing. The restaurant is split into two parts. When you walk in you can step up to the counter and order your food or head off down a narrow hall to a sit down dining with a full bar. We chose to sit down as there was not a long wait.


They have many appetizers on the menu. Plenty of new things to try from the goat cheese jalopeno poppers, fried buffalo bacon, and moonshine battered green beans. They also have baskets of fries to share with some unique options.


They have salads available, chicken sandwiches, and burgers. Pictured above is the Dawn of the Dead. It includes your choice of a single, double, or tripple burger patty. Then it is topped with cheese, bacon, red onion, mayo, and egg. I added guacamole and a side of onion rings. They don't have guacamole on this- but they should. :-)


I love the murals. This makes this a very unique place.


The only thing I missed out on was the shakes. I guess I will have to go back and get a burger and a shake.

300 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines‎ Iowa‎ 50309
United States

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