Breakfast for Dinner

How about breakfast for dinner? I love to make a skillet breakfast with eggs, crunchy potatoes, cheese, and some hot sauce. For the best crunchy potatoes you must extract the moisture from the potato. The best way is to microwave your potato whole. Cook your potato till it is completely soft. Once the potatoes are cooled cube them. Cook your potatoes in large skillet coated with oil. Turn the potatoes once they browned. The best potato to use is Idaho Russets. Get your breakfast on.


Sausage Breakfast Platter

Stopped into Perkins for breakfast and tried the new Sausage and Biscuit Platter.  As you can see it is 2 buttermilk biscuits with sausage and topped with gravey and cheddar cheese.  Also included eggs, hashbrowns, and a couple slices of bacon for under $8.  We normally eat at iHop and noticed that you get a little more for your money at Perkins.  Service was fast and our waiter was pleasant.  Try them for breakfast.


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