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Smashburger has consistently delivered a great burger each and every time I have visited. The place is clean, full of friendly helpful staff, and great tasting food.  Smashburger offers a nice selection of burgers and toppings, grilled chicken sandwiches, and salads.    They offers sides like fries, smash fries which are tossed in oil and rosemary, sweet potato fries, and onion strings.  

Pictured below is the Iowa Burger with American Cheese instead of Blue Cheese and the regular fries.

It is good. Check out the 2 locations here in the Des Moines area at




SmashBurger is Reborn - New Exciting Menu

Got a quick invite from SmashBurger in Ankeny to try some new menu items that are being tested in the Des Moines area. First of all they have some new SmashSalads. They all look perfect and delicious. You can add a half salad with your sandwich or go solo with the full version. Being a big barbecue fane I tried the BBQ Ranch SmashChicken salad. I chose grilled chicken a top crispy thin onion rings, diced tomato, cheddar cheese, bacon, baby spinach, romaine, and arugula lettuce. There is zig zags of barbecue sauce and ranch dressing.  Instant favorite. I would get that in a full version.

They also had several new SmashChicken sandwiches to choose from. I was happy to have chosen the Avocado Club SmashChicken.  It starts off with the wheat bun with a grilled or fried chicken breast. Then it is topped with cheese and thick pieces of apple smoked bacon. The setting included ranch sauce, mayo, tomato, lettuce, and avacado. At first I thought man this is a small piece of chicken. However the chicken fits the sandwich as the layers all came together to make a delicious combination.  I also upon recomendation tried the fried pickles. These were also tasty.

Overall I am happy to see an expanded menu and am certain others will enjoy the expanded menu. Good stuff.  Check out the Iowa Menu Options!

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