Build-Your-Own Shish Kabobs

So are you ready to grill and enjoy summer. Nothing better on the grill than fresh seafood, steak, chicken, fruits, and vegetables. I really love to build-your-own shish kabobs. I recommend grilling all your meat items first and letting the rest. Then cube them up. Items to be added can really be anything you want. Then everyone can build their own and add the items they like.

The Butcher Shop - Steakhouse

My wife and I were hungry for a steak and we heard of a place serving midwest grain fed beef. The Butcher Shop ages the beef for 4 weeks so the fibers of the meat naturally break down. This process gives you a more tender steak. Then they grill the steaks over hickory charcoal till they are cooked perfectly. Give this place a try if you are in Memphis. Great steak. The Butcher Shop - Steakhouse 101 South Front Street Memphis‎, TN (901) 521-0856

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